Dyson CSYS 4K Desk Task Light (Black) Price: £399.99 (as of 10/11/2019 02:19 PST- Details)

Dyson CSYS 4K Desk Task Light (Black) Price: £399.99 (as of 10/11/2019 02:19 PST- Details)

task desk lamp
a powerful light source
three axis glide system

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Dyson CSYS 4K Task Light (Desk) Suitable for both commercial and home use. The CSYS Task Light (Desk) provides a powerful light source with an array of features that allow it to change depending on the circumstances. The ability to dim the lights the use of a touch sensor gives you the ability to customise the brightness of the light for any purpose. As a result of the memory installed within the lamp, the last brightness setting can also be saved for future use, and will remain until overwritten. The three Axis Waft system allows the lamp to be adjusted to the perfect position for the purpose that it is required for. This means you’ll have it at just the right height so that it provides enough light without being in the way. On top of this it may be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, making it suitable for a number of different positions on the desk. The 4k Task Light works in the same way as the standard versions of the task light then again provide a better light output with nearly 25% more light being provided. This lamp provides a cool white light as opposed to the original version which is a warm white light. An amazing feature provided within this lamp is the cooling system. The Dyson CSYS Task Light has its own water cooling system the use of a copper pipe that runs through the horizontal bar of the lamp This allows the LEDs to be functioning at a higher level and for longer as they are cooled to prevent the dimming which can be caused by the LEDs over heating. This issue can be seen to impact other lamps which are the use of LEDs which are left on for along time. Features – Powerful LED Lighting – Stays Precisely where you wish to have it – Touch Sensitive Precision Dimming – Save Energy the use of LEDs – 2 Year parts Warranty For help setting up this lamp take a look at this video from AskDyson
task desk lamp
a powerful light source
three axis Waft system
built in cooling system
high level LED

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