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Products recommended by doctors for doctors, medical students and other health care professionals.

There are so many health care books and medical products out there. Which do you choose? Some are expensive. Others are cheaper. But are they any good? Do the more expensive confer any advantages? Well, we demystify it all.

We recommend what we use

We recommend products that we use ourselves. What we recommend is based on quality - and sometimes that means the more inexpensive ones are as good as the traditional. For example, doctors always buy Litmann for stethoscopes. And yes, they are fabulous quality. However, in this new world of technology, there are products out there just as good and of less cost.

Supporting Bradford VTS

Bradford VTS (www.bradfordvts.co.uk) is UK's number one FREE GP Training resource. Nearly all GP trainees and their trainers use it in the UK. Others use it too - from different countries, medical students, advanced practitioners and more. Why? Because the resources created are simplified and easy to digest. The website receives no formal funds from any organisation and has to raise it funds in other ways. Please help us keep this website alive. We only get a small commission from Amazon but every bit counts.

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