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Medical Books

Books on Clinical Medicine, the Consultation, AKT, CSA, MRCGP, GP Training, Medical Statistics and more!

Good Novels

Like reading novels?  You will love this section. Novels that teach you something about medicine and life too.


There's a wide range of stethoscopes these days and they needn't be expensive.   We've narrowed it down to a few winners.

Other Medical Equipment

Buy from our best picks.  Digital thermomenters, BP machines, oxygen sats and so much more...

Doctor's Bag

A doctor's bag is usually a once or twice in a lifestyle investment.  We've cherry picked a number of styles and ranges.

Complete GP's kit for You or Your Trainee

Get the complete doctor's bag and kit for your next trainee here.   It needn't cost a fortune.  We've picked quality items at inexpensive prices.


A few things to help relax you and keep you in good form - both mentally and physically

Ram's Favourite Gadgets & IT

I love all my gadgets.  Anything technical, I am there.  Even if you're not techie-minded, you might find something here you like.

Ram's Favourite Home & Garden

Great buys for your home, kitchen, bedroom or garden.   Things that me or others have bought and that we rave about or wouldn't be without.  

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